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11 Healthy Thoughts That Will Change Your Life

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How is your thought life? Is it full of healthy thoughts or unhealthy thoughts? Have you ever stopped and thought about — your thoughts!?

One of the biggest hindrances to our self-worth is the negative beliefs that we hold about ourselves. Too often we have been holding on to these beliefs for years and we don’t even realize it.

Some of the negative thoughts stem from the words spoken to us as children. They also can stem from the words spoken to us as youth as well as in adulthood. If we don’t talk about these negative words and we internalize  them – the negative thoughts grab a hold in our brains. These thoughts if not dealt with and not replaced with healthy and positive thoughts will affect our lives. We won’t reach the potential that we were created to live out.

Changing negative thoughts to positive

The Ramifications of Negative Thoughts

Negative thinking has damaging effects on our lives.  These effects can hinder us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  The following are just some of the damaging effects of negative thinking:

1. They hinder you from achieving something that you desire, as they can lead you to indulge in self-criticism.

2. Negative thinking can cause you to have irrational fears.

3. They have a direct effect on your self-esteem and can lower your confidence

4. They lower your happiness and your enjoyment of life

5. Negative thoughts effect our peace of mind and our moods. They cause negative emotions. These negative emotions can go from anger, frustration, irritability, to even anxiety and depression.

6. Addictions can be fueled by your negative thoughts.  This also includes eating disorders – underrating, overeating, as well as bingeing and purging.

7. Negative thinking can be attributed to insomnia, and high blood pressure.

8.  Holding negative thoughts can have an adverse effect on our relationships and those around us.

Taking Action Against Negative Thinking

Changing our thought life from a negative one to a more positive one is possible. It is not as easy as a flick of the switch, however with some work – you can have success.

The first step is to become aware of your thoughts.  We can’t change anything until we first acknowledge that it needs changing.  Make a decision to start paying attention to your thoughts.  What is it that you are thinking about? When you become upset or angry, take a moment and pay attention to what your thoughts were before the feeling.  One practical activity that you can do is to journal your thoughts and feelings out on a daily basis.

Gratitude journal for healthy thinking

It is not enough to just stop the negative thoughts.  It is vital that you start to replace the negative with positive.  One way that you can do this is by daily affirmations.  I have included in this post 11 healthy thoughts that you can start to remind yourself of daily.

Be mindful of your gratitude.  This has been a huge game changer for me in my life.   Everyday I look for 5-10 things that I can be grateful for that day.  Some days life throws me a curve ball and the negativity can start to creep in. These are the days that I have realized are the most important days to search for the positive.

Happy and Healthy Thoughts

1. I deserve to be appreciated. When others show their appreciation, I embrace it with open arms. I never try to deny or diminish my value.

2. There is no need to worry about tomorrow.  I live one day at a time and do first things first.

3. Whenever I am tempted to punish myself, I remember to be kind and gentle instead. I know that in order to be the best I can be, I need forgiveness and understanding.

4. I am a unique and precious human being, always doing the best I can, always growing in wisdom and love.

5. My mistakes and lack of success do not make me a louse, a failure, or stupid. They only prove that I am imperfect, which is human. It’s wonderful to be human.

6. I make my own mistakes and assume responsibility for any mistakes I have made. However, I refuse to feel shame, or guilt about them. I do the best I can, and that is 100% good enough. When I know better — I make a point of doing better.

7. There is no need to prove myself to anyone – not even myself – for I know that I am perfectly fine as I am.

8. I take great pride in what I do, in what I value, and in the way I live, for I truly believe in myself.

9. It is okay to need. I try to keep in touch with my needs so that I can respond to them. Having my “needs” met is not selfish.

10. Others cannot be expected to read my mind or guess my needs. In fairness to them and to me, I ask for what I need.

11. I love myself, absolutely and unconditionally, for that is what I truly need and deserve.

Healthy positive thinking

Extra Resources

I have written several articles that can help you with the process of changing your negative unhealthy thoughts to positive and healthier thoughts.

If you are struggling with holding on to bitterness and resentment you can get some tools to learn how to let it go. (Attaining Victory Over Bitterness)

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Have you allowed small injustices to hold you back from moving forward in your life?  This can cause you to get stuck in the unhealthy cycle of negative thinking. Learn some steps on letting go – so that you can move forward. (5 Ways Of Letting Go).

Are you living a life that demonstrates that you value yourself? Or are you living a life that has believed the lie that you don’t  matter?  Learn how to value yourself as when you love yourself — you in turn are loving those around you. (Do You Value Yourself).

Keep Pressing Forward

Making changes in our lives can be hard.  Changing our unhealthy (negative) thoughts to healthy thoughts can be difficult. Don’t get discouraged. We don’t have to make all the changes overnight.  Healing and growing is a process.  Remind yourself that you are working towards progress and not perfection.  One day at a time and one step at a time, your small changes can lead to big growth and healing.

What is one small change that you are going to make today concerning your thoughts?  Let me know in the comments as I would love to hear from you.

Be blessed 💞💞💞

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