18 different types of journals to keep

18 Different Types Of Journals To Keep

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Are you familiar with all of the different types of journals? I am a fan of journaling and as an Addictions Counselor I have encouraged many women to begin the process of journaling. Journaling has many mental health and healing benefits and it is a tool that we use to work through feelings that we may be holding onto.

Not everyone is a fan of journaling though and many people are only familiar with the traditional style of journaling. Today I want to highlight 18 different types of journals that a person can keep. I encourage you to explore these different types of journals and find one that will work for you.

18 Different Types of Journals


Most people are familiar with this type of journal. This is a “dear diary” style and is quite common when you are first starting to journal. It consist of an overview of your day and is free flowing writing.


This journal is a book full of lists. It can touch on thoughts and feelings, however it doesn’t go very deep. You only write lists in this type of journal and don’t expand on them. Some examples of lists that you can write are:

1.  Favorite television shows – foods – movies – etc.

2. What I would do if I won the lottery.

3. Bucket list.

4. Go to snacks.

5. Books to read

If you would prefer a list journal that already has the list topics already chosen for you, then this may be the journal for you:

587208: And God Saw That It Was Good (Genesis 1:18): Inspiring Lists Journal And God Saw That It Was Good (Genesis 1:18): Inspiring Lists Journal
By Karin Dahl SilverKeepsake gift journal captures inspiring life lists. Every page encourages you to create a unique life list on various topics. Once complete you can reflect and share with others. 6.5″ x 8.5″ journal with 176 pages; paperback; lay-flat binding.


A scrapbook type journal is a fabulous place that you can use to record events that are important to you. It doesn’t have to only be with words and can include various types of different materials. You can include actual photos or newspaper clippings. I started one when I first got married to record all the different events that my husband and I attended. I saved concert and hockey tickets, theatre programs and various different embellishments that helped me treasure the memories.


A prayer journal is a place that you can record your prayers. You can either record names and what you prayed for, or you can write out your actual prayers.  It is always nice to add a prayers answered section so that you can record all your answered prayers. You can create your own journal or you can purchase one that is formatted to use. I want to share a couple that I like:

223139: My Prayer Journal: Peaceful Moments to Bless Your Heart: My Prayer Journal: Peaceful Moments to Bless Your Heart:
914689: Leave it all... Prayer Journal Leave it all… Prayer Journal


This is an organized journal. It usually starts with an index and has sections. Some of the sections may include: month – day – and week. Other examples of sections are goals and gratitude. It can be utilized to document your day, keep track of your schedule and/or organize your life. Many people like to color code their bullet journal and include illustrations.


If you are the creative type, then an art journal may work well for you.  You can use various media to journal your feelings.  This is a therapeutic way to release and explore your feelings.


I started a gratitude journal almost 30 years ago (yikes – I am getting old 🤷🏻‍♀️). The practice of writing in my gratitude journal literally changed my life. When I focus my thoughts on what it is that I am grateful for in my life I tend to live my life looking for things that I am grateful for. Even in my hardest days I have been able to find gratitude. It has been such a blessing for my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. You can write in it daily at whatever time that suits you. When I first started writing a gratitude journal I would write at least 5 things that I was grateful for that day.

I found this super cute gratitude journal designed for children. What an amazing gift to start teaching children to be grateful at an early age.

552009: A Thankful Heart Is a Happy Heart: Gratitude Journal for Kids A Thankful Heart Is a Happy Heart: Gratitude Journal for Kids
By Crystal PaineA Thankful Heart is a Happy Heart is a gratitude journal for kids is inspired by the popular “Choose Gratitude” journal for women. Children are encouraged to think about one thing they are thankful for each day, and then write about it or draw a picture of it in the space provided. Watch their faces light up with smiles as they focus their hearts and minds on things that are good.

Weight loss/Food/Exercise/Healthy Living

This journal is used to help you achieve your goals in regards to healthy living. You can pick weight loss, food, or exercise. An alternative is to create a healthy living journal that encompasses all three. You an use this type of journal to record  your goals and to write about your achievements for the day.  It is also a great place to share the struggles that you have in these areas and what you are going to do to overcome these struggles.

A food journal is beneficial to actually see what it is that you are eating daily and to then make adjustments.

I believe that you can’t change anything that you don’t acknowledge and utilizing a healthy living type journal will open your eyes to the truth about how you are treating your body.


Are you a traveler? If you are, then a travel journal may be up your alley. A travel journal is a place where you can share specific details of your trip(s). In it you can  share specific details of where you stayed, what you saw, what you ate and even how it changed you. I discovered some wonderful guidance to keeping a travel journal. How the 5 W’s Make For the Best Travel Journals.


A wreck journal is an illustrated book that you can purchase. It will give you tasks to do each day. Some of the tasks may get you to write responses to prompts. It may ask you to draw or even color a page. It also may ask you to rip a page out and throw it away. There are different ones that you can purchase. I like the one found here —

161941: Wreck This Journal Wreck This Journal
By Keri SmithWreck This Journal is a creative, fun, and highly interactive way to step outside the box and throw yourself into the world of lived art. . .the opposite of traditional journaling.Integrating subversive (and often destructive) actions-“fling coffee here” and “collect fruit stickers here,” along with writing and drawing prompts like “document a boring event in detail” or “Sleep with the journal. Describe the experience here,” this unique book will free readers of the compulsion to write neatly, keep the binding intact, and progress chronologically. Great for creative types itching for some sanctioned destruction, or for “Type As” who want to loosen up a bit!


Journal prompts are a great way to start the journaling process. They are questions or statements that are designed to inspire you or offer you an idea of what to write about. These self-awareness questions or statements are used as a guide when you are not sure what to write about. When used daily they help you develop the habit of journaling. I post monthly journal prompts challenges. You can find a couple in the following links: – June Journal Prompts — May Journal Prompts

Goal Planning

A goal planning type journal is similar to a weight-loss/food and healthy living journal. You can make a section to help you keep track of any goal that you have. You can also use it to write out all the different steps you need to take to get you to where you want to be.

Devotional/Scripture Writing

Do you want to enrich your relationship with God? A devotional journal would benefit you. You can write out inspirational stories and quotes, relevant scriptures, and journal your thoughts and feelings about them.

Another way of enriching your relationship with God is to start a Scripture Writing Journal. Unlike just reading the Bible, writing out scripture engages all of the senses.  The more senses that are utilized – the greater chance that it will stay in your memory. I post monthly scripture writing challenges. You can find a couple in the following links: God’s PromisesIdentity in Christ.

Letters to Self

You can use this journal type to write letters to your future self. Some of the topics that you can write about are:

  • How you’ve been feeling lately
  • What you look forward to from yourself a year from now
  • Encouraging words and love from yourself to yourself
  • Where you desire to be in a year: professionally, financially, socially, etc

In addition to writing to your future self, you can write to your younger self. It can be directed to yourself at a specific age or the “general younger you”. What advice would you give the younger you? What lessons have you learned that you would want to share?

Letters to God

When I first started my relationship with God I would write letters to Him in a journal. It wasn’t a prayer journal, more like a place where I could start to bare all and get gut level honest with my thoughts and feelings. It was a safe place to go to as I got honest and asked questions of God. In this type of journal I found healing and grace.

Venting - ugly journaling

Ugly — Venting

Ugly journaling can be beautiful in regards to healing. An ugly journal is a place where you can go and simply vent. You are not allowed to filter yourself and it is a no censorship zone.  Some people don’t want to vent in their “pretty” journals and thus don’t experience the full benefits of journaling. This type of journaling is a fabulous anger management tool.


Daily affirmations can have a positive effect on your life. You can create a journal where all you share are affirmations that you tell yourself. I suggest that you write one a day and that you reflect on it and repeat it to yourself throughout the day. The more you see it and hear it – will help you to start believing it and then living it.

Another option is to keep a journal that you write out quotes that you find are meaningful to you.  In addition you can write about what they mean to you and how you can apply them to your life.

Specific Life Events

Lastly you can keep a journal that is all about a specific life event. Some ideas are: wedding — pregnancy — marriage — motherhood etc.

So Many Types of Journals to Choose From

Wow – did you get through them all? I am not saying that you need to utilize all the different types of journals. It is not really possible. My hope is that you will be able to find at least one that appeals to you. Once you choose one of the types of journals I encourage you to give it a month to get into the habit of using it. If you require a bit more instruction on how to start the journaling process you can access it in the post  — How To Start A Journal.

Do you currently journal? What types of journals do you use? Is there one that you plan on trying now that you know about it? Do you have any tips in regards to journaling that can help others with the process?

Please let me know in the comments.  I love hearing from my readers and giving encouragement as well as prayer.

Be blessed 💞💞💞


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18 different types of journals to keep

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