Sarah Price Book Review of The Amish Cookie Club and An Amish Cookie Club Christmas

Book Review – The Amish Cookie Club Series by Sarah Price

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I have shared with you before that one of my favourite genres of fiction novels is Amish themed. My “To Be Read” (TBR) pile is stocked with an assortment of Amish themed novels and I seem to continuously add to it.  The love of reading has been a gift that my mother passed down to me. Reading has been one of my greatest forms of stress management. 

Sarah Price 

Recently I discovered the author Sarah Price.  Sarah has written many novels that are Amish themed. She shares on her website that she has lived among the Amish and comes from a Mennonite background.  I truly believe that her life experiences allow her to write about the Amish in a greater authentic manner. To read more about Sarah please click on the link —   “About Sarah”.

The Amish Cookie Club Series 

This past month I read the first two books from Sarah’s “The Amish Cookie Club” series, and will be reviewing them in this post. She has the third book of the series coming out on 10/27/20 called, “An Amish Cookie Club Courtship”.   I am looking forward to it and have it on my “to purchase” list.  

The two books that I read could be read as stand alone books as you don’t necessarily need to read them in order to understand all that is happening.  However, with most series the books are better when read in order.  

Both of the books that I read shared in depth of the personalities of the characters. I really appreciate this as it makes me feel like I actually know these people by the time that I get to the end of the story.  

One drawback from both books is not always understanding some of the “Amish language” used.  If you are not familiar with Amish themed stories then this may be a bit of a struggle for you.  I always like when authors that write Amish genre include a list of Amish words that they will be using and a brief definition of the word at the beginning of the book. 

One bonus from both books is that they both include recipes. 


149173: The Amish Cookie Club #1 The Amish Cookie Club #1

The Amish Cookie Club (Book #1)

The first book of the series starts out with freshly baked cinnamon rolls that Edna is preparing for the cookie club ladies to enjoy while they bake their cookies.  We are introduced to Edna and the rest of the cookie club, – Mary, Wilma, and Verna in the first chapter.   The first thing that really got my attention is the differences in all of their personalities.  It was fun to see the characters develop and although they have been friends since childhood – they couldn’t be more different from each other. 

Supporting Each Other

The four ladies get together twice a month to bake cookies for their respective church districts. They then share the cookies with those on Worship Sunday’s. This time together isn’t just about baking cookies. It truly is about friendship and supporting one another.  The world needs more of this – women supporting women. 

Verna’s Daughter  

Verna has a problem that she hopes the cookie club ladies can help her with. She shares with them (although they already new everything – through the Amish grapevine) that her daughter was fired once again from a job.  Not only is there concern about her keeping a job, she is also 20 years old without a boyfriend in sight.  Verna’s daughter Myrna is very outspoken and can’t seem to contain herself.  In the Amish world this is not seen as a good character trait. Her father hires her to work in the family business but he hides her away in the back room so that she doesn’t offend any of his customers. Myrna is not happy with this arrangement and freely expresses her opinion.  

Working As A Nanny

During her work day she happens to encounter Ezekiel who is a recent widower with four small children.  Ezekiel is a bit rough around the edges and comes across gruff and rude.  Myrna takes an instant dislike to him.  However, Ezekiel needs help and is willing to hire Myrna to be a nanny to his children and get his house in order. The children get attached to Myrna and Myrna gets attached to the children.  She also discovers that she is starting to have feelings for the widower that is not looking for a wife.  Is the widower also having feelings? Or does Myrna lose yet one more job? 

My Rating For Book #1

 I enjoyed getting to know the characters and seeing the transformation of Myrna as she developed a relationship with Ezekiel and his children. It was also enjoyable to have the cookie club ladies make many appearances throughout.  I rate the first book of the cookie club series a 9.5/10.

149180: An Amish Cookie Club Christmas An Amish Cookie Club Christmas

An Amish Cookie Club Christmas (Book #2)

The second book of the series starts with Edna looking over her calendar and becoming quite overwhelmed with all that she has committed to do.  In order to help her struggling financially family, she opens up her home to cook a noon meal for the tourists – Englichers.  It appears that she may have overbooked herself during the holiday season. 

Cookie Club Ladies To The Rescue 

During one of the cookie clubs work bees Edna shares with her friends her dilemma.  Wilma offers to send her two daughters to help Edna, however Wilma’s daughters would cause even more stress.  Wilma’s daughters have a tendency to argue about everything and their cooking skills have yet to be refined. Mary knows that this would be a bad idea and since her daughter is old enough to take care of her home, she offers to help Edna with her business. 

Mary’s Accident

Unfortunately shortly into working with Edna, Mary has a fall.  Mary’s daughter Bethany is available to replace Mary, but Bethany has been very sheltered and does not do well with being around others.  Reluctantly, shy Bethany agrees to help Edna with feeding the tourists. 

During her time with Edna she encounters Edna’s three sons.  One of her sons, John, stands out from the others.  Slowly they begin to develop a friendship as Bethany spends most of her day working along side Edna in Edna’s home.  Bethany sheds some of her shyness with John and realizes that she has developed feelings for Edna’s oldest son.  Does he have feeling’s for Bethany? 

My Rating For Book #2

This one was just as good as the first one.  We get to know the ladies in the cookie club even better and discover more character traits. Bethany was really sweet and awkward in a likable way.  The story line was engaging and held my interest throughout.  The title was a bit misleading as there was not a lot of focus put on Christmas.  I rate the second book of the cookie club series a 9/10.

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Sarah Price Book Review of The Amish Cookie Club and An Amish Cookie Club Christmas

Sarah Price Book Review of The Amish Cookie Club and An Amish Cookie Club Christmas

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