Book Review - Trustworthy by Lysa Terkeurst

Book Review – Trustworthy (1 &2 Kings) by Lysa Terkeurst

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Recently I finished the bible study “Trustworthy – A Study of 1 & 2 Kings” by Lysa Terkeurst. This bible study was offered by Proverbs 31 Ministries. Through out the past several years I have participated in several of their studies and have grown so much through this participation. They encourage community and they offer several different studies every year.

Expectations of “Trustworthy”

When I first heard that the study was going to be on 1 & 2 Kings, I was hesitant to sign up. Confession: I have always had a bit of difficulty studying the Old Testament.  When it comes to the various names of the people and places, my mind will often want to shut down.  The truth is: I start getting confused – have no idea how to pronounce the names  – start to glaze over the verses and end up even more confused as I try to figure out who is who. All the while I struggle with even understanding what events are actually occurring. As I prayed for direction I felt the Lord telling me that He wanted me to dive into this study. I trusted that God was going to teach me something new.

I have to be honest due my past experiences with the Old Testament, I didn’t really have that high of expectations.  Honestly, I expected to not really get anything out of it at all. I am grateful that I was able to glean a lot from this study.

Do I Really Struggle With Trust?

“Trust in Him at all times, O People; Pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us – Selah” — Psalm 62:8 

Before I started “Trustworthy” if someone asked me is I trusted God, I would of said “of course I do — absolutely!”.  However, my eyes were opened to the fact that – yes, I trust God — only until I don’t.  Throughout the study I was challenged to take a look at my life through the lens of “trust”. I was encouraged to challenge myself by looking not only at my thoughts and beliefs but also through examining my actions. Never once did I feel condemnation, however at times I felt conviction. It is through this conviction that not only did I grow personally but my relationship with God also grew.

Week One of “Trustworthy”

The first week we were introduced to King Saul, King David, King Solomon, The Temple and The Wives. This week challenged me to take a look at my obedience or lack of obedience to God. It also challenged me to stop always asking God, “Why?”. The truth is I don’t always have to understand the why of Gods ways. I do have to choose to follow them, even when I don’t understand them.

I really enjoyed week one and it was relatively easy enough to understand. My only disappointment was that there was only one day on King David and I was wanting a bit more as I can personally relate to him and his relationship with God.

Hope mug

Hope Is a Strong and Trustworthy Anchor Mug

Hope mug

Week Two of “Trustworthy”

The second week of Trustworthy we studied King Rehoboam and King Jeroboam.  This week I was encouraged to learn that despite the unfaithfulness of His people, God is faithful to keep His promises. I was pretty surprised at the two Kings and how they responded to others and how they responded to God. It did however give me hope that no matter how big a mess I may have created in my life – God can turn it around and make it into something good.

This week also challenged me to take a look at who I am influencing and who I allow to influence me. It also challenged me to always be aware of my hearts motivations.  Sometimes we start off with great intentions but over time our true motivation gets tainted.

Although at times this week I felt the study was way over my head I persevered and pressed on.  I am grateful as I gleaned a lot of knowledge and I was able to apply some of what I learned and as a result my relationship with God deepened.

Week Three of “Trustworthy”

The third week of Trustworthy we studied King Ahab and King Jehoash.  This week I was able to see how my trust in God grows when I look to His solutions being both what I want and also what He sees I need.  God knows the beginning, middle, and end. I do not. Too often I get caught up in the “what if’s” and that gets my focus off of God. It also leads me to forget all the times that God has been faithful to me.  The truth is trusting God does not only involve my thoughts and feelings – it also includes my actions. I need to regularly ask myself, “Do my actions show that I am trusting Him?”.

At times this week my brain felt overwhelmed with information and I needed to take more time than the allotted time given for each day this week.

Trustworthy Book Review

Week Four of “Trustworthy”

The fourth week of Trustworthy we studied King Hezekiah. This week I was challenged to take a look at the idols that I may have in my own life.  Often times in my life my biggest idol has been my own self.  I am so grateful for this challenge as it helped me to step into hope and forgiveness as I let go of those idols. This week also challenged me to take a look at my fears. It gave me ways to deal with my doubts. I love the following quote by Lysa – “when our doubts take us to a place of self-focus and not faith-focus, we lose sight of the mercy and magnitude of God”.

This was my favorite week as I gained insight into my life and through applying what I was learning I was able to gain greater freedom.

Week Five of “Trustworthy”

The fifth week of Trustworthy we studied King Josiah. This week I was encouraged to put the Word of God into practice in my life. It challenged me to look for ways that I can saturate my life with Gods Word everyday.  One of the quotes by Lysa that spoke to my heart is, “God’s Word must lead my thoughts, not the other way around”.

In addition, I was encouraged to go to God when trust is broken in my relationships with other people.  He was able to open my eyes to the fact that my trust can be restored through my relationship with Him. This brought more healing in my life.

On the last day of week 5 we studied how Jesus is the “true King”.  We looked at how He is the answer to our longings of stability, security, and trustworthy authority that no earthly King can ever be. I would of liked at least one more day focusing on King Jesus.


At times I felt overwhelmed with the content of this study. There were days when my brain was so full that I had to take a break. I got behind early on in the study and struggled to catch up. I thought that somedays there was way too much information to comprehend and some days could of been divided into two separate days.

Grateful that I persevered and didn’t give up as the study gave me many tools to aid my personal growth.  It also helped me to deepen my relationship with God.

There is a video that goes with this study. Although the video segments have a lot of great additional information I don’t believe you really need to watch them to glean from this study.  I did find out that you don’t have to purchase the videos as you can rent them online — (video rental link).

I rate “Trustworthy ” a 8/10.

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Trustworthy: Overcoming Our Greatest Struggles to Trust God, Bible Study Book

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Book Review - Trustworthy by Lysa TerkeurstBible study book review - trustworthy by Lysa Terkeurst

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