Healthy Living acronyms to Motivate

Healthy Living Acronyms to Motivate

Hello Friends,

For over 23 years I had worked as an Addiction Counsellor and had utilized many “Recovery Acronyms” with my clients.  I also have used them in my own life as they have been helpful in my journey towards greater physical, emotional and spiritual health. You don’t have to be a person who is in recovery to benefit from these acronyms. They are universal in there motivation, inspiration and desire to grow and move forward in ones life.

What is an “Acronym”?

An acronym is a pronounceable word that is made by taking the first letter or few letters of each word in a phrase.

What is the Purpose of an “Acronym”?

Acronyms are used for a number of reasons.

They increase awareness.

In order to heal and in order to become a healthier individual in all aspects of ones life, there needs to be some self-awareness.  The fact is, you can’t  change what you don’t acknowledge.  Acronyms remind us to do a self-inventory, which helps propel us into healthier behaviors.

They trigger the use of new skills.

When we are starting to make some changes in our lives, acronyms can help us to stay on track. Behaviors and habits can be difficult to change, however by adding the use of acronyms, you are giving yourself some added encouragement and motivation to not give up. Acronyms also give us a map as to how to make the change that we are seeking.

They help us develop coping skills.  

You don’t have to be a recovering alcoholic or addict to need coping skills.  Everyday we are required to live life on life’s terms and sometimes life is not always kind.  The use of some acronyms can help us to deal with the adversities that life sometimes throws are way.

They help us to reduce our stress.  

Acronyms can help us handle the day to day stress that comes our way.  They are small words that hold insightful direction. If we apply these acronyms in our lives we live in greater peace and contentment and even joy.

Acronyms in recovery




List of Acronyms

FAITH – fear ain’t in this house

FAITH – forgiveness, acceptance, inspiration, trust, honesty

PMS – poor me syndrome

GOD –  good orderly direction

HOW – honesty, opened-mind, willingness

EGO – edging God out

FEAR – false evidence appearing real

FEAR – frustration, ego, anxiety, resentment

FEAR – face everything and recover

HALT – (am I) hungry, angry, lonely or tired?

HALT – hope, acceptance, love, tolerance

PACE – positive attitudes change everything

FINE – frustrated, insecure, neurotic, emotional

FINE – feeling insecure, numb, empty

GIFT – God is forever there

HELP – His ever loving presence

KISS – keep it simple sweetheart

HOPE –  have only positive expectations

HOPE – hold on pain ends

TGIF – thank God I’m forgiven

PUSH – persist until something happens

DENIAL – don’t even know I am lying

ACTION – any change towards improving ones nature

DETATCH – don’t even think about changing him / her

HUG – heaven’s ultimate gift


Pressing Forwad

My hope is that you will find one or more that you can utilize to help you press forward into greater health and well being.

Do you use acronyms in your life?  I would love to hear which ones you use to help you in your life


Blessings 💞💞💞

Healthy Living acronyms to MotivateHealthy Living acronyms to Motivate



9 thoughts on “Healthy Living Acronyms to Motivate”

  1. Charlene Cothron

    I am in recovery and use multiple acronym’s on a daily basis and love them and find them very useful and helpful to me and my recovery from addiction I am always looking for for more.

    1. Awesome to hear that you are in recovery – not always easy — hope you found a new acronym or two to help you on your journey. Blessings to you. Keep pressing forward 💞💞

  2. I’ve always thought of PUSH as Pray Until Something Happens 🙂 But I like persist, too! They both work best together, I think!

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