Lifelines – Walking through the Struggles of Life



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One of my childhood memories was a near drowning experience, clearly not a great memory. My family was on a weekend away to my aunt and uncles place.  We were all invited to go swimming in someone’s backyard (I can’t recall whose backyard it was). I was instructed by my mom that I was only allowed to swim in the shallow end. While my brothers and cousins being older than me, got to swim in the deep end.  Across the pool there was a rope that separated the shallow end from the deep end and separated me from all the fun. Since I didn’t want to miss out, I lingered as close as I could to the rope.  As I went to stand up my foot slipped and the next thing I knew I was under the rope and now  on the other side.

Lifeline swimming pool

I realized very quickly that I was in trouble.  My brothers were going to yell at me and tell my mom and swimming would be over for me.   I got scared and I panicked. I tried to stand up and turn around before anyone saw me, however it was far too deep and my feet did not touch the ground.  Am I  ever grateful that my cousin had looked over and saw me. He swam over, grabbed me and took me to the side of the pool.  My swim ended and I sat with my mom for the rest of the afternoon.


My cousin that afternoon was my lifeline. He saved me from drowning.

Definition of lifeline

1 : a line (such as a rope) used for saving or preserving life: such as
a : a line along the outer edge of the deck of a boat or ship
b : a line used to keep contact with a person (such as a diver or astronaut) in a dangerous or potentially dangerous situation
2 : something regarded as indispensable for the maintaining or protection of life

Throughout my life I have utilized many forms of lifelines. As a result these lifelines not only saved me from physically drowning, they also saved me from heartache, destruction and despair.

The following are some of the lifelines that are available to you, as well as the ones that I have personally used.

Supportive People

Supportive friends

Having supportive people in our lives can help us walk through any trial that we may encounter. We all need a tribe to belong too. It is vital that our tribe be a healthy one.  We need supportive people. There are far too many negative interactions with others in our day to day living.  One thing I have realized in my life’s journey is that I am responsible for creating my tribe.

The following are questions that I need to ask myself when I reflect on this lifeline.

1. Do I have people in my life who I can turn to for support?

2. Am I making myself available to be supportive of others?

3. Are there people in my life that are toxic?

4. Who do I need to spend more time with?

5. Who do I need to spend less time with?

6. What am I doing to enrich the relationships that I have with the supportive people in my life?




There are times in people’s lives that will require them to take medications. For years I could count on one hand the medications that I had been on for 30 plus years. I am now in my late forties and due to health issues am now on medications that I need to take daily. At first I was reluctant to take them as I bought into the idea that medication was “harmful” and not “necessary”.  By asking my Doctor lots of questions and educating myself,  I am now very grateful for the medication that I am now on. It has actually caused me to feel better and it has become a lifeline for me. Whether the medication is for your physical health or mental health – taken properly as prescribed by a medical professional can be an instrumental lifeline in your life.



There are sometimes issues that come up in a persons life that may require a professional to help them get through. It is easy to get stuck in our problems and a little guidance  is sometimes all we need to get unstuck. Counseling can help us to see things with a new perspective. It can provide to us  tools that will help us to live life on life’s terms. Therapy can challenge us, encourage us and help heal us. There are all types of different counselors and therapies for all types of issues.  If you are struggling I suggest you talk to your family Doctor and inquire if they have any suggestions of who you can talk to.  Remember – it is your responsibility to reach out for help.

Reading Inspirational Literature

Reading quote inspirational

What are you reading? Are you feeding your brain with positive messages, or are you feeding it with negative messages?

Motivating quotes, poetry, affirmations, inspirational books and scripture can have a huge impact on a persons mood and situation.  One of my most utilized and beneficial lifelines is scripture.  No matter what I am going through I can always find peace and direction from reading God’s word.

This lifeline requires being intentional. Most noteworthy way of doing this is by keeping a few notebooks where you can compile these words.  One of my notebooks is filled with various scriptures. These scriptures  help inspire me, heal me and or give me peace. The other is full of quotes taken from various places that encourage me and minister to my heart. The third noteboook I use is for self-affirmations.  Speaking kind and loving words to yourself goes a long way when dealing with the struggles in life.



One of the beautiful aspects of journaling is that it can be as unique as the person who is creating it. Journaling can be full of pictures and drawings or it can be full of words. There really isn’t a right or wrong way to journal.  Throughout my life my journal has taken on many forms.  I have done a “Dear Diary”, a journal of pictures, a gratitude journal, and a journal that I call my love letters to God. It is through these journals that I have been able to heal and move forward in my life.  They have been a place where I can get real with my thoughts and my emotions. As a result of journaling I have been able to gain a sense of release and a new perspective. If you haven’t tried journaling may I suggest that you give it a try?


Each person is responsible to establish and then maintain their own lifelines. It is important to take an active role in your life. Some lifelines may work for you and some may not.  The important thing is to start to think about what works for  you and then maintain it. Consequently it is a good idea to try out something new. Take a risk. Get out of your comfort zone. Be intentional. Most of all, take action.  You may not need that lifeline today, however, you never know when you may slip under the rope and need something to save you from drowning – physically or emotionally.

What are the lifelines that you use?  Which ones are you willing to try?   Drop me a line, I would love to hear from you.

Be blessed 💞💞💞

Lifelines walking through the struggles of life



63 thoughts on “Lifelines – Walking through the Struggles of Life”

  1. Many of those you mentioned are already my lifelines – friends, family and doctors. I never tried journaling, but I will try this. I guess writing your thoughts is some form of liberation. Pouring your frustrations and success fells good. I am in my 50’s and I need all the lifelines the world can offer.

  2. These are some fantastic tips! I only recently discovered how effective reading motivational literature is – I have a book by my night stand that I reach for whenever I’m feeling blue, down or anxious and it has truly served me well. Thank you for the great post!

  3. When we are going through tough times, that is definitely when you realize who your support system is. It’s awesome when you have those people to help you!

  4. This was a great, poignant read. I’m so happy I have a great support system around me!! And you do too!

  5. I hope that I offer a lifeline to others in dire need of one. To tell the truth God has been my lifeline throughout the struggles I have been through and I have been through many. A lifeline is so invaluable that one must be able to identify their lifelines beforehand and have easy access to them.

  6. I shed the negative every chance I get. I am so lucky to have wonderful supportive people in my life so there isn’t a whole lot of shedding to do.

  7. Thank you for this most candid post on seeking help in order to get through troubled times. People need to know that they always have options when they feel alone or depressed for sure.

  8. Minakshi Bajpai

    What an interesting read. Sorry to hear about your bad experience, I could only imagine how pathetic that was.

  9. Now that trouble can be unavoidable at times thus part of our lives, it is very important to know what works well to get us out of such and make us feel relieved. I think that it is during difficult times that we get top see our true friends…I mean, the people who can stand with us and see us through them. And having the best people can surely do wonders. As well, I think that therapy does it well for me.

  10. I love how you started with a true story about almost drowning. Made this very relatable as we all remember a time from our childhood where we were worried we would get into trouble.

  11. In these times the most important thing is to have the support of the people around us who really care about our future and well-being.

  12. I have used several of these lifelines in my life as well. Right now I think just talking to a couple close friends is my biggest lifeline. I tend to hold things in, so having a couple people I can vent to feels really good for my soul! 🙂

  13. Supportive people are my lifeline. Also, writing things down helps. And reading. Books are some of my favorite things.

  14. Supportive people are definitely the lifeline I use the most! Thank you for sharing even more options when we feel like we are slipping in life.

  15. posts like this can help so many people! lifeflines – whatever they may be to us, are absolutely essential! I also believe everyone should try therapy at some point, it’s so therapeutic just to talk to someone, even if they’re only listening!

  16. I am a huge advocate for journaling! I love being able to get my thoughts out on paper so that they are not racing through my head. Also I love how you listed support. It is so important to get support from those you love and feel safe around.

  17. I needed this post today, it has been such a hard week. I love that you said we are responsible for making our own tribe. I really need to put more effort into doing that instead of just facing life alone because it seems easier.

  18. Wow! What a beautiful post and so true! I am responsible to create my own tribe… that is a powerful thought! I am in a lot of other people’s tribes… I hadn’t thought of that in terms of the importance of “creating” my own.

  19. I am so thankful for my lifelines. I have had and still have all the ones you listed. Journaling and friends are definitely my biggest.

  20. thefashionableaccountant

    I think action is a big one! I know someone going through something and they refuse to take action in their life so until they do they wont go anywhere!

  21. I like all the pictures you use. They looks beautiful and really nice. I think i will probably share this to my friends. Thank you for all!!!!

  22. Really great post. I agree that drowning is not a great experience because I have also experienced it. Thank you for sharing the questions you ask yourself when you reflect. I will also try to ask this questions to myself. In times of trial, we can rely on our friends and loved ones. They are one of our lifelines in life.

  23. My lifeline has been many things over the years: friends, family, journaling, yoga. All in all I always come back to the same quiet space of meditation. My breath is my lifeline literally and figuratively. xo, Evelyn, PathofPresence 🦋

  24. I agree, it’s so important to have those lifelines you can turn to in tough times. I have my husband and my boys who are always 100% supportive of me, as well as my parents and sister. I also find exercising to be a lifeline for me because it gives me motivation and helps keep me grounded.

  25. I deal with anxiety at times and I have lifelines that I use in order to do so. I think it’s important to have lifelines to deal with what life throws at us. Thanks goodness your cousin was your lifeline when you went through your near-drowning!

  26. What a well-written and insightful piece. I especially love the reminder to ask ourselves ‘Am I making myself available to be supportive of others?’ It’s so easy to get caught up in our own needs and expect support from others without offering the same in return. Thank you 🙂

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