October Journal Prompts

October Journal Prompts – Monthly Challenge

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Have you ever heard of a journal challenge? Journaling has so many different benefits and many counselors/therapists will encourage their clients to utilize a journal. Being an addictions counselor for over 25 years I have encouraged many people to start their healing process through the use of a journal. One of the issues that would arise is people often didn’t know where to start and would end up looking at a blank page. This is where journal prompts can help a person get started with the process of journaling.

What Are Journal Prompts?

Journal prompts are questions or statements that are designed to inspire you or offer you an idea of what to write about. They are a great way for you to start the journaling process. These self-awareness questions or statements are used as a guide when you are not sure what to write about. When used daily they help you develop the habit of journaling.

Self discovery journal prompts

Supplies Needed For The October Journal Prompts

You will need a pen or pencil. I like using a variety of different colored pens and fine tip markers. You will also need a journal book — a notebook of any kind will also work. Lastly you will need a copy of the questions that you are going to be responding to.

October Journal Prompts

  1. What does my ideal morning look like?
  2. When things get tough, I want to remember ______________.
  3. What doubts do I currently have? How can I ease them?
  4. Do you remember a time where you blamed others for your unhappiness and it just made things worse? What did you end up doing?
  5. What obligation do you believe you have to your country?
  6. Are you truthful with others about who you are? Why or Why not?
  7. What does social media bring to your life?
  8. Tomorrow I promise that I will ____________________ for myself. Why did you choose what you did?
  9. How do you define integrity and do you have it?
  10. If you could meet one person in the world – present or past – who would it be and what would you ask?
  11. Make a list of things that you have done because you wanted others to like you.
  12. What kind of business would you love to start?
  13. List 15 things that make you happy.
  14. What song evokes the strongest memories for you?
  15. Write a letter to yourself filled with kindness and compassion.
  16. Where were you 10 years ago? How has your life changed?
  17. What thoughts have you been repeating in your head lately? Are they true?
  18. One thing you dream about doing is_____________?
  19. Share a quote to live by. Why did you pick this particular quote?
  20. What’s the best and worst thing about being a woman or a man?
  21. Share 5 things that you need to do less often.
  22. What was your favorite childhood meal? Share a memory about eating this meal.
  23. Write a thank you letter to your body.
  24. If you could do something dangerous just once with no risk, what would you do?
  25. In this moment, what are 10 things that you are grateful for?
  26. What do you need more of in your life?
  27. When you were young what did you want to be when you grew up?
  28. List your 5 favorite ways to relax.
  29. Where do you feel most loved?
  30. List 3 simple steps you can take towards your ideal life.
  31. The highlights of my month are_________________.

Gratitude journal


An additional component to journaling that I encourage my clients to do is to end each journal entry with a statement of gratitude. I have been practicing this in my personal journal for over 25 years now and it has made a dramatic positive effect on my life. When I focus my thoughts on what it is that I am grateful for in my life I tend to live my life daily looking for things that I am grateful for. Even in my hardest days I have been able to find gratitude. It has been such a blessing for my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. There are various ways that a person can incorporate gratitude in their lives in addition to writing in a journal. You can find additional gratitude exercises here — 9 Gratitude Activities.

Be Encouraged

I want to encourage you to participate in this “October Journal Prompts Challenge”. It doesn’t require a lot of time. It requires a commitment of 5-10 minutes a day to reflect and respond to the questions being asked. There are no right or wrong answers. This exercise is for you and it never has to be shared with anyone – unless you choose to share it.

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Are you participating in the October journal prompts challenge? Do you regularly journal? What have you found as a benefit (s) to journaling in your own life? I would love to hear from you.

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October Journal Prompts monthly challenge

October Journal Prompts

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