Scripture Writing plan God’s promises

Scripture Writing Plan – God’s Promises

Hello friends,

God loves you. There is nothing that you can do today that will cause Him to love you any more or any less than He already does. God’s love is unconditional and is never changing. Even during the challenging times in my life God’s love was evident. It may not have looked like it at the time, however, as I reflect back on it I can see the vastness of His love. In order to be able to see this I had to first spend time getting to know Him . This month we are going to dedicate our time to getting to know God through His word. We will be focusing on reading and writing out some of God’s promises to us.

God’s Promises

We are going to glean from the Scriptures that God is good to His children. His grace and mercy and kindness are never withheld from us. We are going to learn how to have peace – even when things around us aren’t peaceful. Throughout the month we will be encouraged and edified. Some of us may begin to see God in a different light. God’s Promises give us hope and it enriches our faith. When we know His truth we can start living in His truth. This is when our lives can begin to change.

God’s promises

We will be reading and writing bible verses out of both the Old and the New Testament. My prayer is that you will be encouraged and edified as you dig into God’s word.  The more of God’s word that you have in your heart the more victory you will have in your life. God desires to have relationship with you, and one of the ways that we can attain a relationship with Him is by getting to know Him through digging into His word. Once we have established this relationship, it is important to maintain this relationship by spending time daily reading His word.

Scripture Writing Challenge – God’s Promises

I want to invite you to participate in this Scripture Writing Challenge for the month of June (you can do it during other months if you choose).
A scripture writing challenge is basically spending 10-15 minutes everyday writing out a passage of scripture and reflecting on it. This months theme is “God’s Promises”.

I have created this plan that you can follow everyday. It is a simple and effective tool that you can use to enrich and grow your relationship with God. It will also help you to learn and apply more of God’s word in your daily lives.


Every day read and write out the corresponding scripture with the day of the month. Keep the following questions in mind as you write the scripture down:

1. What is the word saying?
2. What does it mean to me personally?
3. How can I take action on it?
4. How does it enhance my view of God?

You can use any bible that you like. I prefer using the Amplified translation, NIV, or NTL. A great website that has numerous translations to choose from is An additional resource that you may want to check out is I like reading the different scriptures from the various different translations as it gives me a deeper perspective and a greater understanding.

If you are needing some further instruction on how to go about doing this challenge please read the post in the link – Scripture Writing – What is it and How to implement it.


God’s Promises Scripture Writing Plan


I want to encourage you to end your writing sessions with a prayer. If you would like you can pray the following:

Father God, I want to thank You for all the promises that You have given to me. Thank You for the gift of Your Word. I enjoy digging into your Word and finding golden nuggets of truth. You have provided so much love and encouragement and I am in awe of You and Your ways.

I pray that You will continue to meet me in Your Word. That You will illuminate truths to my heart. Thank You for teaching me to grow in You and Your ways. Help me to understand Your word and Your promises.  I ask that You teach me how to live out Your promises in my life. I am grateful for Your Spirit that leads and guides and teaches me.

May Your Word reside deep within my heart. Show me the truth in Your Word.  My desire is to deepen my relationship with You. May Your Word draw me even closer to You and change my life from the inside out. I ask for knowledge and the wisdom to use that knowledge in my life. Thank you for You everlasting love and Your abundance of grace.    In Jesus’name ~~ amen


I have made it a practice after doing my scripture writing to daily write down five things that I am grateful for in the past 24 hours. This is a practice that I have been doing for over twenty years and it has become a life changing experience for me. I encourage you to start doing the same. We can always find things to be grateful for if we look for them. When we walk in gratitude we are walking out a victorious life.

Additional Scripture Writing Plans

Here are more scripture writing plans:

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Are you taking the challenge? Let me know how it is working for you. I would love to hear from you as well as pray for you.

Be blessed 💞💞💞


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Scripture Writing plan God’s Promises June scripture writing plan God’s Promises

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  1. Great resource here! You make it so doable to study God’s Word! And I couldn’t agree more about the gratitude journal. It has been life changing for me as well. Thank you for sharing a plan for making regular devotional time rich and fulfilling.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment and for the encouragement. I think that often people get so overwhelmed with starting to read the Bible – bible writing in small manageable pieces is a great way to start digging into the Word. Blessings

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