Scripture Writing Monthly Plan – Resurrection Of Jesus

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We often focus on the resurrection of Jesus Christ during the Easter Season. The truth is the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the foundation of the Christian faith. When we take the resurrection away, we take the belief in Gods saving grace through Jesus crucifixion away. It is vital that we learn about Jesus’ crucification and resurrection as without it we would be without hope.  This month we are going to dedicate to the teaching of Jesus’ Resurrection.

We are going to glean from the scriptures that Jesus rose from the dead and the impact that this event had (and has) on humankind. It is through the resurrection that Jesus confirmed His identity as the Son of God and His work of atonement, redemption, reconciliation, and salvation. In addition we are going to learn that the resurrection was a real, literal, physical raising of Jesus’ body from the dead. We are also going to learn how this beautiful gift given so many years ago affects our lives today.

We will be reading bible verses out of both the Old and the New Testament. They both speak of the truth of Jesus being raised from death.  Jesus testified of his resurrection before he died on the cross and his disciples witnessed his body after the resurrection.

Resurrection of Jesus bible writing plan April

Scripture Writing Challenge – Resurrection Of Jesus

I want to invite you to participate in a Scripture Writing Challenge for the month of April (you can do it during other months if you choose).

A scripture writing challenge is basically spending 10-15 minutes everyday writing out a passage of scripture and reflecting on it. This months theme is “Resurrection of Jesus”.

I have created this plan that you can follow everyday. It is a simple and effective tool that you can use to enrich and grow your relationship with God.


Every day read and write out the corresponding scripture with the day of the month. Keep the following questions in mind as you write the scripture down:

1. What is the word saying?

2. What does it mean to me personally?

3. How can I take action on it?

4. How does it enhance my view of God?

You can use any bible that you like. I prefer the amplified translation. A great website that has numerous translations to choose from is

If you are needing some further instruction on how to go about doing this challenge please read the post in the link – Scripture Writing – What is it?  How to implement it.

Bible writing plan April resurrection of Jesus


I want to encourage you to end your writing sessions with a prayer. If you would like you can pray the following:

Father God, I want to thank You for the gift of Your Word. It is exciting to dig into your Word and find the nuggets of truth concerning the power of the cross and the resurrection of Jesus.

I pray that You will meet me in Your Word and that You will illuminate truths to my heart. Thank You for the gift of Your Son.  Thank You for the gift of a Your Spirit. I am grateful for the Word that You have given me.  May Your Word reside deep within my heart. I ask that You help me to walk in Your Word and Your ways.  Show me the truth in Your Word. My desire is to deepen my relationship with You. May Your Word draw me even closer to You and change my life from the inside out. I ask for knowledge and the wisdom to use that knowledge in my life. Thank you for meeting me in Your Word.

In Jesus’name ~~ amen


I have made it a practice after doing my scripture writing to daily write down five things that I am grateful for in the past 24 hours. This is a practice that I have been doing for over twenty years and it has become a life changing experience for me.

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Are you taking the challenge? Let me know how it is working for you. I would love to hear from you as well as pray for you.

Be blessed 💞💞💞


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Resurrection of Jesus scripture writing challenge Scripture writing challenge April resurrection

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